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Originally Posted by takrdown View Post
I would like to see overhead video actually. I saw both still pictures, the one with the starboard turning wake of the Udaloy and the one where they are both going straight.

Per international "rules of the road" the Tico should have given the Udaloy right of way so I'm on the fence about this one.

I obviously don't know the whole story and there is an exception to this right of way rule if the Tico was doing flight operations, which they appear to have been. I just hope everyone didn't start shouting "those Russians!" too soon or we will have been caught with our pants down.
You’re right.
The US Destroyer was conducting flight ops and would be flying a flag indicating that she would be maintaining course and speed and other vessels should alter course in case of CBDR( collusion imminent). Also, the US ship would be trying to communicate with the Russians via civilian bridge to bridge radio net which all warships monitor 24/7.
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