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Originally Posted by hooligan_COLD View Post
Originally Posted by Genieman View Post
Sorry for trying to simplify it and trying to put it in the terms of the left's promulgated narrative.

I guess instead of trying to refute any of my points, you went with the verbiage-selection critique...

Words matter - don't be mad at me.

I didn't see any points that needed to be refuted, or that weren't already in this thread or by Mueller himself.

Originally Posted by Genieman View Post
...Congratulations on being one step smarter than the grammar police.
Speaking of that - physician, heal thyself...

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It seems that people either don't know the definition of the word bias, or are conflating two concepts of having and exhibiting a bias...
So let me get this straight, you saw this thread, decided to read its contents, and concluded that the best you can do to add something meaningful to the discussion was to criticize a word choice as opposed to adding something worthwhile to the topic being discussed?

If that's the case you get a high five for being so "special"