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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
As I see it, BMW appeals (has to, to succeed) to a much wider market than the Alfa. Many buy into BMW because of the competence of the overall package, not just driving dynamics, and that includes many driving enthusiasts.

BMW 3-series out sales the Alfa Giulia in Europe about 10:1. Guess we know who has got the right package for the users?

Then we have the issue of 3 different suspensions and the same for wheel sizes. Which combination is the 'sweet spot' for any particular user? Only test driving will sort that out for an individual, not any motor magazine review/opinion. Or any other user opinion for that matter.
You haven't said anything false, but what you are saying is that the means justify the ends. Essentially, it is OK for BMW to make luxury cars with some a sport mode since all that matters is sales numbers.

BMW has become too big and the world has become too global to produce what they used to, which was sports cars with some luxury sprinkled it. They can hit their sales targets all they want to, but it doesn't change the fact that they've watered down their products immensely. And it's a pure slap in the face to people like us who are at the core of the brand's identity.
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