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I fail to understand the point you are trying to make. My statement, regarding the presence of bias, was not the primary point I was making. The primary point was that DESPITE the bias, they concluded that there was not sufficient conduct to warrant a recommendation of prosecution.

Is the point you are trying to make that Mueller wasn't one of the 13 of the 17 members who was a registered Democrat nor one of the 6 members who donated to the campaign of the opposing candidate of the person they were investigating? If that's your point, I agree.
Thank you for not making me taunt you again with an old Monty Python joke.

My experience is that the leader has far more to do with taking a working group in a certain direction. Obviously Mueller, by the reasoning of most Trump supporters here, took his group in a very GOP friendly direction. Imagine if Mueller had been a democrat, what his report would have found.
I can't refute that. The only thing I can say is that almost all Dems are against trump and there are even some repubs against him too. So odds are that there is more bias from dems against him than there is from repubs for him. (Meaning for him specifically as opposed to a generic republic)