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Originally Posted by ScottyRyan2019 View Post
I do not identify as a Dem or Republican. I vote more so for the person than the party. With that said, I have voted Republican far more times than Democrat over the years. But, I will not vote for Trump the next election. He has wore out his welcome with his constant lies and behavior that is simply unbecoming of the office.

I share your sentiments....
I do not neatly fit into any one political or philosophical category. I am not a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Federalist or fall clearly into any of these or similar political parties or philosophies.
Since no single label seems to adequately describe my political beliefs, I consider myself to be a combination of a number of “labels”, including a secular, moral, ethical, rational humanist who enjoys learning new things and am willing to modify my opinions based on new accurate and factual information. So fine tuning it politically, I am a moderate, centrist and an independent, as well as a progressive, realist and pragmatist, and sometimes even sympathize with Libertarian points of view. Ultimately, my goal is for all of us to communicate and cooperate to achieve and maintain a high quality of life and the desired progress for all Americans.

The main stream media would have us believe that there is no “center” in American politics anymore. Increasingly polarized camps on the right and left hold diametrically opposed, irreconcilable views on seemingly every issue. I find it hard to understand how those on the far-left who are Democrats (Liberals) always follow the DNC party platform almost 100% or those on the far-right who are Republicans (Conservatives) and almost always follow the RNC party platform 100%. Interestingly, more than a third of American voters call themselves neither liberal nor conservative but moderate, indicating a substantial chunk of dissenters from the left-right paradigm.

As a moderate I probably am in the middle, where I sense and value points of some Liberal doctrines and some Conservative doctrines, based on intelligent cerebral thought, taking into account what I have learned in my formal education, life experiences, as well as what I feel morally in my heart. I see both parties as overly ideological, with Democrats being too liberal and Republicans being too conservative. Like many, I am also distressed by the worsening harsh and divisive nature of the current political discourse.

I believe that there is a major segment of our electorate that doesn't belong firmly to either right or left ideological camp, and is distinct in its ideas and sympathies from either liberals or conservatives. That is where I am. I probably fall somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum, i.e. - too liberal to be a true conservative and too conservative to be a true liberal. I was originally registered as a Republican and was so for about 8-10 years and then realized that as the GOP moved farther to the right I was probably more of what was then referred to as Blue Dog Democrats as a centrist, so I changed my party affiliation accordingly, so I could vote in the primaries in my home state of NJ.

Today I consider myself to truly be “Independent” on the political landscape with a foot in both the right and left camps. I wrestle with, and often reject, what I see as the false either/or ideological choices that define modern American politics. I see virtue in both sides’ arguments and complex issues and try to be sympathetic and understand the motivations of both sides. I recognize that both sides have a piece of the truth and as a result, see flaws in the standard absolute liberal and conservative perspectives.


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