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Originally Posted by hooligan_COLD View Post
I was hoping against hope that the "Presidential pivot" was a real possibility immediately following the election. I was disabused of that optimism in fairly short order, obviously.

You were not alone in that sentiment. I also reluctantly held out hope that I would be surprised and that Trump would "grow into the Presidency...", but it did not happen.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, I agreed with a number of Trump's statements, while cringing at his choice of language and utter disrespect for women, the latter which is certainly his Achilles heel and may be his ultimate downfall. FYI, I voted for President Obama, (twice), as a refreshing, educated, intellectual alternative to what we experienced by President George Bush and his administration. I feel that Obama campaigned as being one type of President and then once in office, turned out to be something else and that he had a real disdain for politics! We discovered that he hated dealing with the necessary political process of convincing Congress to enact his programs, squandered and misdirected his political mandate from the voters and revealed to the American public that he is a horrendous negotiator on both national and international issues.

Trump understood many Americans general dissatisfaction, anxiety, frustration and anger with the actions and polices promoted by the Obama Administration as well as Democrat-controlled Congress. Trump had the savvy self-marketing skills to know how to manipulate not just the “low information” voters, but also most dissatisfied voters of all political persuasions. He played all sides, claiming that only he could restore America’s greatness in the eyes of the world. It is understandable that during the early stage of the 2016 Presidential campaign that he was focusing on what was wrong and/or what had failed to work, without offering any real ideas, let alone any specifics, on what should be done. I think we have now learned that only one person can "rein in" Donald Trump and that's Donald Trump, if he so desires. We know that he likes to say outrageous things to shock his adversaries as a starting point for negotiations. Unfortunately, he does not seem to have thought out his real end game and therefore seems to bounce around like a pin ball, until something else distracts his attention. He really does seem to enjoy throwing mud against the wall (and his perceived enemies) and sees what may possibly stick. Ultimately, he has demonstrated over the past number of years that money doesn't buy class or character, but it can be a powerful megaphone for someone who has neither....


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