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Originally Posted by Delta5 View Post
I have an '18 X3 and new '20 M340i. The X3 continues to work perfectly via ConnectedDrive; same account, same phone, same location, same app. The M340i does not.

I picked up my M340i on 5/25. My SA warned me that BMW was having problems with ConnectedDrive and it would be a few days before it would function correctly. He even showed me the dealer screen where after hitting the Submit button it was blowing up with a "404 not found" type error. Lovely.

On about Thursday 5/30, I received official welcome emails from BMW & my SA indicating that it was hooked up. At that point my M340i appeared on my account with the X3. All services had correct active dates, the car was controllable (locks, horn), and was updating status (fuel, location). The only weird thing is the M340i doesn't have the globe with the + on the app, and pops a message that "This vehicle with no BMW Connected+ subscription may not support all features". All of the features show as active on my account, and I could control the car as expected. Weird.

Fast forward to 6/5, and that's the last time the M340i shows as updated. Oddly I can still control the locks & honk the horn, but the fuel, range, vehicle location, etc all will not update. I have...
  • signed out & back in the app 10x times.
  • reinstalled the app 5x times.
  • signed out & in of my profile in the car twice.
  • rebooted iDrive twice.

None of these made any difference.

I've emailed Connected Drive several times, they're now just ignoring me.

So yesterday I spent about an hour on the phone with BMW Connected Support & Genius. They said that "everything looked ok on their end". Genius guy said the "no services" message on the M340i was "normal", but I told him that didn't make sense. Genius guy did tell me to NOT remove the car from the app as it will cause issues. Too late...

The Connected Drive support guy went back through the process of re-activating the services, but it didn't help. He admitted that the last month has been a disaster with ConnectedDrive and their call center was swamped with people complaining. Said some people's cars update but won't control, others are the opposite like mine, and some don't work at all. Seemingly no rhyme or reason, as far as he understood it. He said they've been told it should be fixed "soon" but they've been saying that for a few weeks now. He gave me the same line about "wait a week, then call back if it's still not working." He was nice, but sounded genuinely fed up with the situation.

I work in IT, so I am WELL aware of server upgrade failures and service outages. But this seems to have been going on for months now. I've had years of good experiences with BMW's and the M340 is outstanding to drive. But BMW seriously needs to get their act together on the tech side of things. This is ridiculous.
I'm having the same problem as you.. I figured it would sort itself out in a few weeks. We will see.
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