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Originally Posted by DonaldPump View Post
Actually, from 2016-2018 I was all aboard the Trump Train but more recently have grown increasingly frustrated with regards to the wall, spending, and the "America First" promises that seem to have come and gone. While conservatives are being banned in mass across multiple online platforms he is silent. With that being said, he's done a great job with the middle east (as long as we don't end up in Iran for crying out loud), the economy, prison reform, and he at least tried with N Korea which is more than a lot can say. The man made the song "rocket man" tolerable, that's something right? .


At the very least, I share your frustrations with Donald Trump.

Regarding "The Wall", it is not a panacea to the problem, that its supporters naively claim it to be. Some form of border barrier is just one of a number of deterrents that we need to consider and implement as part of improving our border security. From my perspective, we need to greatly improve our overall border security, even if a “wall/fence/barrier” is just a small part of the solution to the problem. Border security includes immigration reform which in turn, needs to include a number of factors such as: E.verify; technological border hardening; Visa tracking; additional enforcement personnel; additional immigration Judges to process the massive increase in legitimate and illegitimate refuge asylum claims. These would all be in addition to sensible physical barriers that are determined by location and the natural topography and terrain. I would rather have this combination of deterrents as opposed to one long, unrealistic wall, with all of its problems and outrageous cost to us tax payers. Also, while not currently being discussed, what about dealing with improving the border security between Canada and the U.S.?

I have always speculated that Trump would renege on most of his campaign promises to what are his core supporters, who have so desperately supported him, (and still do so). Many of those supporters are the aging white working class, low information, non-college educated men and women. He has not and will not bring back jobs lost to other countries since the ongoing technological advancements in this country and abroad have produced new and improved technologies that allow manufacturing processes to be far more efficient, requiring fewer workers. Also, we cannot compete against the incredibly low wages paid to those foreign workers. It is important to note that those future American workers will be technicians that need a solid education and more advanced training than previous generations. The older workers who cannot or will not accept retraining will have to settle for minimum wage jobs. Our next President needs to advocate for not just a solid public secondary education system, but also a necessary and honorable national vocational training program in mechanical, electrical, plumbing trades and related fields, as an alternative to the college path, for those students to pursue as a viable option. Not everyone needs to go to college, but everyone does need an education.

I think we all know by now that Trump speaks in ambiguous slogans in English at the level of a 4th grader, appealing to those with grievances, promising great things. The blue collar workers, as well as those more well off financially who hear and believe Trump's stated position(s) on one, two or several positions on the issues, and who were willing to take a chance on him as their savior will, without any doubt, have become Trump’s next victims. Forget his campaign promises to provide new programs, where all we knew was that he said that they will be “terrific” or “fabulous”, without any further specifics of a thought out plan. He, along with Senate Republican support, are trying to gut Social Security and Medicare, essential to the demographic noted above, to pay for his tax cuts to corporations, him and the top 5%.

I find it ludicrous to comprehend that Trump's economically-downtrodden supporters even think for a moment that he cares a hoot about them. His entire life’s history has shown that he only selfishly cares about his own celebrity, fame and wealth, while showing no guilt or remorse of cheating others in the process to obtain those goals. For anyone thinking that President Trump will somehow even want to listen to the problems of the average Joe/Jane is naive, at best. He is only interested in his own Cult of Personality. President Trump is only interested in those initiatives that directly benefit him, such as tax policy, banking and investment regulations, government oversight of business, legal liability, etc. That would be consistent with every action taken and statement made in his life up to now.

Understanding the broader national economic situation, public education challenge, dealing with global climate change, and international diplomacy simply don't rise to a level that seriously engages him. International relations is one of my biggest concerns with Trump since challenging situations can develop quickly and demand decisive action without much time for consultation or contemplation. His na´ve threat to impose trade sanctions, starting trade wars with Mexico and China, without understanding that they are essentially a tax on the American public, is mind boggling...

Then his unexplainable and unwavering trust in both Russia's Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong Un, is very very scary. The President must be knowledgeable of the players, history and issues in order to be ready to quickly analyze, weigh options and act. Trump completely lacks the intellectual curiosity to study and be prepared and has been and will continue to be highly susceptible to making a bad decision with awful consequences for all of us.

I am not confident in Trump's (and Jared Kushner's), choice in supporting Benjamin Netanyahu instead of Israel, in general, or their blanket support for Saudi Arabia. It just does not make sense to me....


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