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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
Written by a dude who lives in Cali...Oh sorry if I assumed your gender as I do not know you preferred pronoun... he, she, it, Apache helicopter? But... Last I checked California is a giant safe space for liberals.. Isn't LA facing a rat infestation and no I'm not talking about the democrats here?
Rat infestation is just scratching the surface of the puss filled scab. Homeless and illegal aliens flooding the state are bringing shit with them that hasn’t been seen for many years in the USA including typhus, measles and other. Plague is being talked about sprouting up now, the black plague like “bring out your dead” plague. Barb wire quarantine the whole cities that are nothing but crime ridden petri dishes of disease.

They made the mess themselves let them live in it and let the cal lib agenda be the canary in the slum and be a warning for ALL the other states.
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