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Originally Posted by hellrotm View Post
Article explaining cap situation. Has to do with timing and whether AD waves free money.

Kemba is not anywhere near the player of Kawhi. Kawhi right now is arguably the best player in the league. The rumors of Kawhi going to Lakers sound a bit ridiculous, but he is a strange character who maybe likes throwing multi millions away.

Lakers need to be careful. If they decide to max out their remaining cap for a big name, they will be one injury away from disaster with an awful bench.
Kawhi has already stated he's not interested in building a "super team." I guarantee the "Kawhi to the Lakers" is BS being leaked by the Lakers themselves.

There are 3 possible outcomes in my mind:
1. Kawhi goes to the Clippers for 4/$140
2. Kawhi signs a 5/$190 with Toronto

But what I think is the most likely?

3. Kawhi opts out, signs 1yr deal with Toronto, then next year he's at 10 years in the league and can get a substantially larger Max contract. This gives him another year with the core guys at Toronto to repeat. And then the year after he can still go anywhere he wants or stay.