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Drove an M340i at BMW M Town Tour last night

So I finally got to drive the new M340i last night and I thought I would share my takeaways on it. So let's get right to it, shall we??

- The steering is a little better than my F30. It's weird, but it is more direct and has better turn in, however, it feels more artificial than my F30's rack. My F30's feels better, but does not react as quick as the G30.

- The new iDrive display is nice and big. I really like how it works and is a vast improvement over the F30.

- The digital dash is pretty cool, but there is just WAY too much going on in there. It's a lot to take in, and I'm not sure I love how the tach works in reverse.

- The exhaust sounds good good in sport mode. It's a little quieter than my MPPSK, but not by much. Some nice burbles and pops.

- Power delivery is good and more linear than my F30. I would say it is a little faster, but not by much. I think the extra horses make it smoother, but the car also feels heavier so I'm not sure.

- The car is much quieter than my F30 which is a really good thing.

- The interior is cheap, cheap, cheap....I was very disappointed in the hard plastic used. It feels even cheaper than my F30 which I didn't think is possible. I hate the way the dash slopes down. Not a good look.

- The car is just too big. It feels like a 5 series. It is no longer a smaller car that is fun to throw around. The F30 was already getting too big and they just made it bigger.

- The wheels look too small for the car. Even though they are 19's, with how big the wheel arches are, they look like 17's on it. It might look good on 20's but who knows?

- I'm just not a fan of the overall look of the car. I'm sure it will grow on me, but it's going to take some time.

- The M badge should not be on this car. I'm not sure what DNA it gets from any M car but it should definitely just be a 340i.

To sum things up, is it a better car than the F30? Of course it is, and it should be. It's not enough for me to want to get rid of my 340i, but maybe enough for others. The car is too big and no longer feels like a 3 series. I love all the technology, but it feels overdone. I'm probably missing a lot, so feel free to ask any questions.

On a side note, there was time to drive another BMW after my M340i drive and I knew they had an M2 competition, so I asked if I could take it for a spin. Unfortunately, some jackass had totaled it 2 hours before I got there, hitting a tree while going around a corner.

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