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Originally Posted by Mr Friese View Post
The M340 is very nice for what it is, but it is nowhere near M car territory and like others have said, BMW has no intentions of it being so.

M cars are about more than just 0-60, it's about the driving experience and how the car just feels "special". It's hard to explain really, but the M340 just doesn't have that "it" factor, so I won't even attempt to compare it to any M car past or present.

And just to clarify, I have test driven the M340 and thought it was great and would definitely pick it over an S4 or C43. But I would never consider it over an F8x or even a lightly used E9x.
First of all - you are driving a CS - the car twice as expensive as M340. Of course it is not going to feel as edgy and sharp as CS>

Second - what tires were on M340? a lot of people test drive them with 225 all season - not apples to apples. Find one with Pilot sport 4s with 255 in the back. If you can fined one with cooling pack - even better - you will have similar brake feel to your M3.

Coming from several M3s myself - with the above mentioned set up - M 340 does not give up much to M3. Put it this way - on some of the ramps i can go as fast as M3. Need to take M340 to the track to really give you an objective comparison. But day to day street driving - I chose M340 over M3. Plus Im not afraid to give it to my wife and daughter to drive (not worrying about Money shifts or 400 HP 2 wheel drive int he rain).
Since it is not giving up much in performance and has much better tech . It makes M3 look outdated. Here is what i gained vs M3

- Remote start
- I drive 7 with touch screen
- Remote updates
- Apps for climate control via remote start
- Comfort access with all 4 doors and key approach
- Digital key on your phone
- Key card (similar to hotel key) so you can swim and run with your car key
- Full remote 3d view parking
- Full functionality of connected drive
- Self-parking ( in and out of the spot)
- Self-back up
- Assisted Pro (traffic jam) Fully automated Driving this is Huge use it every day in traffic