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I agree that I think the interior of the Audi is better but I do think the M340 interior is better than the MB. Also, with regards to the digital dash, to me the Audi is way better and will age better. The BMW dash is nice but a little cheesy/cheap looking and may not age well. The tetragon trim on the M340 I test drove made the interior look really cheap. I'm also with you on the size of the car, it feels bigger and heavier than the other cars in its class.

All in all, I still really like the M340 best of the cars I compared it to and hopefully mine will be here in a couple weeks.
I think that was the trim on the car I test drove. Didn't like it. I should have taken pictures.
Yes, in my opinion tetragon trim is the cheapest looking of all the finishes. I got the oak trim in mine, and i feel it gives it a classier look than the tetragon.