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Great review, truly appreciated especially coming from someone with an F30 340i. My last BMW was an E46, didn't like the F30 so i went elsewhere. Now I am looking to get this G20 in the 330i M sport trim in a month or two to coincide with my current lease termination. The E46 may have been low on power but they were great cars. I owned two as well as an E36, if only we could have manual again. Never thought, I would be back in a BMW after the F30 debuted.
I don't think you will be let down. Especially in M Sport, can't go wrong. If you liked the classics, the new platform will work well for you. Not an exact clone of the E36, E46 handling, but a modernized, more evolved version of it, more dynamic, still fun as can be.

While the F30 gets some heat in handling, driving dynamics, and some of it is warranted, I will say in the facelift later years, I think they really made some adjustments. This was really illustrated whenever I would get an early model F30 loaner, which were just appliance-like. All said and done, to its credit, after owning every generation, F30 is my favorite car I have owned, so there is that. That being said, it is spec'd really preferably to me.

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Very nice review thank you !
Fun times with that car.!