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Originally Posted by Fuller View Post
I read a lot of posts here referring to a car or make/model's "DNA". I understand the general gist of what this means, but can anyone tell me, specifically, which parts or properties comprise a car's DNA? If not, I have to consider that this term really describes the mindset and expectations of the end consumer more than it defines some inherent, tangible properties of a certain make and model of car.

It's similar to when someone refers to the soul or character of a certain car. At the end of the day, a car is just a machine. Any character ascribed to it comes from our emotional reactions to the experience of driving it. This makes these terms purely subjective, as well as highly malleable.
I think the big selling point for an M3 40 is always going to be it's a Four season car. And the newest one rivals the F 80 such that many people are willing to give up that rawness and that "it factor" to be able to drive the car year-round and places with lots of inclement weather. That's a hard argument to fight against. The F80 can be even more compelling if you live in a place without winter, or you have a second winter car/daily driver.

Even though I went with the M3 because it's something I've always wanted, I can see on paper why everybody's arguments are for the M340. Truth be told, I wonder if I made the wrong decision, given the amount of shitty weather we have, and the issues in the rain even. I'm going to drive one next week and I will report back. Ultimately I just need to update my daily driver from a Tiguan, to something nicer, then I won't care as much haah