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Originally Posted by Poochie View Post
I have a '16 M2 with the older ID4+ unit, so I can't speak on CarPlay or care for it, based on my limited, unfavorable experience in a '18 320i loaner car.

However, I was just worried that I would lose the current "Rhapsody" widget, under BMW APPs, whenever I upgrade to the next generation of BMWs. That would make me sad..

Thanks for the clarification.
BMW in Europe implemented some third-party apps directly into iDrive (I have seen Pandora) without requiring an iPhone connected to the car. Like having an account for your car ordered thru ConnectedDrive. Not offered in the USA yet.

I suppose that eventually it will be offered in the USA as the "free" BMW Apps is gone -probably the reason of removing it as the subscription will be paid thru BMW.

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