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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
It's all relative to what you're used to. I'd suspect people who never drove an E46, E90, etc. would be thrilled after driving the new 340. Every review has basically said the same's much improved from the F30, but not even close to the good old days. I had driven an M2 just minutes before which also altered my perception, as that car is incredibly involving to drive.

Those older cars were a blast to even drive at the speed limit, the new one not so much. Just sort of cruises in comfort and isolation, with the grooves in the road having no effect on the steering wheel.
I agree to that. I have a F80 ZCP, it was great. A couple weeks ago I took it to local dealer for some small repair, and got a fully loaded M550 as loaner car and got to spend a couple days with it. The M550 has more power and AWD, I suspect it would beat my F80 in a stop-start situation, plus it's very comfort and luxurious (compare to 3 series), however, after a couple hours with it I know I wouldn't ever buy that car as long as I could buy a M3 or even M2. It just lacks the naughty M spirit, I guess those M turned regular car are for people who want a balance between performance and comfort.