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Originally Posted by calvin84 View Post
I agree to that. I have a F80 ZCP, it was great. A couple weeks ago I took it to local dealer for some small repair, and got a fully loaded M550 as loaner car and got to spend a couple days with it. The M550 has more power and AWD, I suspect it would beat my F80 in a stop-start situation, plus it's very comfort and luxurious (compare to 3 series), however, after a couple hours with it I know I wouldn't ever buy that car as long as I could buy a M3 or even M2. It just lacks the naughty M spirit, I guess those M turned regular car are for people who want a balance between performance and comfort.
Yeah exactly. What kind of sucks too is how you have to get a full on M car nowadays to feel some connection to the car. Back in the day even an entry-level 328i was insanely fun. M division products are very expensive, generally have too much power for normal roads, and [until recently] didn't offer AWD. They just don't make sense for most people.

My folks are in the market for a new SUV so I went with them to test drive the new X5. The saleswoman was obsessing over all this mindless tech and got pissy when I threw it into corners and rowed through the gears. She goes "it's a family SUV it's not meant to be sporty, you can get...I think it's called the X5M for that." What a knucklehead. Come take my mom's E70 M Sport for a spin and you'll see how a family SUV can be a blast to drive and not cost $100k in the process.
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