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Originally Posted by M3GymNut View Post
This does look promising. Are the tail lights the same as the G20? If they are then fail. I don't think I'll ever grow into that rear end.
I agree. But to be honest I don't really like any of the new rear ends they've been releasing lately, these new tail lights just don't look good to me. In particular I mean the 3er, 8er, X4, X6, while the X5 and X3 are a bit better since they don't have this new rear lights style. Actually the Z4 has maybe the best rear end, this tail light style fits this kind of car (smaller and flatter) much better. The other reason may be the fact that the red part of the lights is bigger than that dark/grey part.

Although the grills are getting bigger and bigger and it seems like the kidneys of the new 4er are going to be much bigger (respectively much lower) than those of the 3er, I'm much more concerned about the rear end. I'm sure the front end will look good.