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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
My group, including the instructor all felt the M5 didn't belong on COTA. It's certainly has plenty of get up and go, but once the corners came, it felt large and heavy tackling those. Brakes were disappointing. You could tell if you were following an M5 coming in for a hard stop; rear end got very squirrelly. The instructor actually warned us of this: get the M5 as straight as possible before braking.

This one, from to two years ago, was my favorite:
Agree 100%! The M5 really showed its weight on the track especially coming from the M4 immediately before hand. Also agree that it danced around quite a bit under heavy braking although I did get into the ABS a few times. I was surprised (pleasantly) at how nicely the back end rotated out of some of the slower corners even in 4WD mode with DCS in traction, had to catch the slide a few times. It's a big car though, and very few are buying it to set fast times on the track, so I think it does what it's designed for on the street very well.
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