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By investing effort into adding or removing a badge, you're making a statement.

It's like people who won't wear brand name clothing because they dislike the image they think it presents. Instead they shop at second hand stores and garage sales, not out of necessity or thrift, but because they wish to present the opposite image. They act like they're above being concerned with what they wear, but ironically, they're also using clothing to present a specific image, just on the other side of the commercial spectrum. Their clothing selection is still motivated by concern over what others will see, instead of solely on what they enjoy or find comfortable.
okay so if OP wants to remove the m badge from the rear of their M340 what are your thoughts - I get your brand name clothing opinion but if someone removes an M badge from the back of their M340 your commentary you want to share with the forum is?....
I don't see why anyone would want to remove that M badge.

We live in a world where there will be more automatic M cars in the next few years then manual so that alone changes what the M
brand means. Look at the M5 for God's sake and how many electronic systems it has. Is that really, by definition, a "pure" M car? I feel as if the customers, like the brand itself, are also changing.

To me, the badge signifies that you purposely wanted a better performing 3 series and understand what you got. Unless you deal with a rich jerk, any M enthusiast will appreciate that.