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Originally Posted by 6ixSpd View Post

All this ridiculous MP add-on crap to upgrade every performance and cosmetic aspect of the car - why not just get the full blown M car to begin with? People are obsessed with making their non-M cars into something they are not and never will be.

BMW: Here's a mid level car between the regular pedestrian 3 and the M3! Introducing the Mxxxi cars!
People: Yay finally I get a more saucier version without having to buy a full M!
BMW: BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Here's more "M" sauce for your souped up non-M to make it even MAOR M!

I don't get it either.
Most of us did not want an M car, we want the middle ground Mxxxi car for the additional comfort and practicality while still being fairly fun to drive. I cross shopped a 2018 M3, but chose the M340i for my current needs. Adding black grills, wheels, and/or an exhaust are things we like. We aren't doing widebody conversions and motor swaps to pose as an Mx car, we simply like the parts that are offered, and BMW marketing slaps the ///M name on them. I like being able to add these items because they are subtle, OEM, and the dealership won't give me crap for having them.

We are simply modding these cars like you did with your 328, we aren't trying to make them into a M car any more than you are.