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Originally Posted by Mo@BMWofFairfax View Post
"In addition to the three-door 1 Series, 2 Series Gran Tourer, and 3 Series GT, tombstones are being chiseled for the 2 Series convertible, standard-wheelbase 7 Series, Z4 replacement (sorry, Toyota), and both two-door 8 Series variants. If it wasnít Reithoferís personal darling, the 6 Series GT would also be head straight to the slaughterhouse in 2024. The 8 Series Gran Coupe will likely survive alongside the long-wheelbase 7 Series. While the X2 is also said to live on borrowed time, BMW has finally signed off the brand-new X8 which is mercifully not just a coupe version of the gargantuan X7. Instead, the board gave a green light to an emphatically sporty crossover which will be exclusively offered in M Performance and X8 M forms, and also sport a brawny M Power plug-in-hybrid powertrain that incorporates a 168-hp, 184-lb-ft electric motor and 60-kWh battery pack for zero-emissions driving range of up to 60 miles."
Who wants any of these cars anyway? The 1 series HB is cool looking but we never got this. The 2 series GT looks terrible, and...we never got this either. The 3 series GT is also horrible looking and a terrible idea all the way around. Never been a fan of convertibles, so IMO, get rid of them all. Should I care that there's only going to the a LWB 7-series? I currently don't. The Z4 has been going downhill since the first generation, so again, no tears will be shed here. The 8 series. Mixed feelings here. It's a really slick looking car in some way, but when I see them at the dealer, they look like a German Buick Riviera. They're just too big, IMO. No manual doesn't help.

I'm not seeing anything on the list that bothers my enthusiast sensibilities. IMO, if BMW keeps offering the M2/3/4 in a manual version I will have no problems with the brand. I don't care what SUVs they add or what other cars they stop producing. I don't care what they do with Mini or RR either.