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Originally Posted by Taco_Bueno View Post
Honestly think they're making the wise choice here.

It's proven fact that the 2-seat convertible market is long dead and Toyota is certainly benefiting more from the partnership than BMW.

It's proven fact that the SUV market is the most popular and profitable market in the segment.

Furthermore, the 8 series just wasn't impressive or revolutionary enough to generate enough buzz to keep it popular. In short, it was a major flop.

Why anyone is still making coupe SUVs is beyond me. All BMW needs is to leave M cars alone, trim out all the coupe SUVs, and abandon the z4 and 8 series.
The 2 seat sports car market is booming 💥 at Porsche ‼️

Porsche doesn't have a shoe for every foot, and as such their business model is absolutely splendid.