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I've criticized BMW in the past for mushrooming their line-up to a ridiculous level without any coherent strategy or focus, while shoving the enthusiast community to the side with watered down M-models and ///Marketing-driven model line-ups (e.g. M-Performance cars with more M badges than the real ones).

We have 1-8 series vehicles fully populated with GT, GC, "M-Performance," i-Performance and real M variants, along with every single number in the X1-X7 range (and X8 coming shortly). That's in addition to the Z4 and new line-up of iX electric version.

When you've spread this thin and lost focus of your real enthusiast community who have been fiercely loyal through thick and thin, there isn't a whole lot that can be done short-term. Predictably, BMW is cutting models that don't sell well, and this failed strategy by many brands in the past isn't going to turn the company around. As Winston Churchil aptly put it, "those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it".

I really hope BMW wakes up and realize that it needs to focus on much fewer models (maybe 4 sendans, 2 coupes, 3 SUVs) that make the prospective buyers passionate about the cars again.

The last time that I've felt that way about BMW was the e92 M3. My G30 was total utilitarian purchase that could've gone to any number of brands.