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You have to love how these things are always twisted to blame the market and not the product.

BMW makes woefully subpar products especially when you consider the price.

The 8 series is pathetic for its price. It literally looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff car.

These days it's hard to tell if their cars are like this because they've bled out all talent or are purposely trying to look like cheap knockoff cars with tacky details all over.

I used to buy only bmw until around 2012. Fast forward to now and I wouldn't touch anything in the lineup with a 10 foot pole. They are ugly, tacky, low quality materials, overly stiff, big and generally boring to drive.

I suspect there are many with the same quite obvious opinion. Bmw ran with the fallacy that designing cars for china was the answer. Well it isn't and I hope the chickens continue to come home to roost.

Maybee if BMW starts seriously bleeding money someone will have the bright idea to stop blaming the market and start producing a quality product again.
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