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Originally Posted by BeamerandBimmer View Post
Originally Posted by ///M TOWN View Post
The 2 seat sports car market is booming 💥 at Porsche ‼️

Porsche doesn't have a shoe for every foot, and as such their business model is absolutely splendid.
Porsche is still around is because of their SUVs.
I always read this horribly false argument. Usually from ppl that actually believe the garbage talentless marketing ppl from auto manufacturers feed the public.

Each 911 continues to be the best iteration of what it is meant to be at the time. That is because Porsche puts effort and quality into the 911. 911 = Porsche.

This is irrespective of the cayenne.

Can anyone honestly say the 3 series has improved over the last 2 generations? Maybee Camry drivers. But not anyone with an ounce of love for driving.

Guess what BMW sells many more x5 then Porsche sells cayenne. By that logic the 3 series should be the greatest of all time.

It's not because it's false logic fed to morons by morons.

A bad product is a bad product. It has nothing to do with what or how many of another product you sell
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