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Well that sucks for BMW but they had been warned early on the market is switching rapidly as is the tech surrounding cars, having cars these days not being able to update features Over the air is a death sentences why would you wan't a car witch tech is obsolete the day it arrives from factory? And can't be updated regularly like with an Iphone or Android phone, where an updated OS can make a ton of difference.

Also ignoring the fact that the electric market is growing and the people who have something like an M3/M4 and wan't a good day to day car that is electric witch doesn't look like the i3 (me being an i3 owner my self but i do like it because it is so weird in so many ways.) That is the gap that the Tesla model 3 filled you don't have to like Tesla for nothing but they sure have taken big parts of the market.

And with regulations getting harder and harder for the average joe/joelin they simply don't wan't a an regular ICE car but an electric car witch is priced fairly has long range and doesn't again look like the I3 that is what tesla took from BMW.

Now BMW and some other manufacturers are paying the price for making deals with the "devil" aka OPEC countries.

And i am sorry to have to say this but today's generation not speaking for every single human being on planet earth but generations to come they simply don't care about cars the way that some of us fans to fun cars do, they want their car to be an gadget just like their phones or smart watches etc... and that gap is filled today by Tesla so i hope BMW has learned their lessons and don't play by the tone that OPEC countries play but actually go your own way.

It has been a costly lessons but hope they have learned by now. You simply just can't release a car today that is out of date 6 months later with it gadgets without anyway of upgrading them. Regular people won't pay that much money for cars that are old 6 months later in gadget department.
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