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Hugely appreciate the photos but does anyone else smell a BMW plant here... join date of today (but aware of the need for manual confirmation)... we get only the angle we need to confirm the manual (3 pedals) but the full interior layout remains hidden...

Seems they are working overtime to smooth ruffled feathers?
You are spot on. If these pics were taken by one of "us", we would've taken a ton of photos. We would have taken pics of the shifter, the interior, surely tried to get better grill photos, and probably would have been all up in the wheels and brakes too.
I was in a hurry and when I was going to take another photo of the front grill, the engineers who where driving the car tried to take my phone and threatened to hit me
I also didn't photograph the gear lever because it was covered, same as the seats. It was de only car that had the steering wheel and pedals uncovered
They threatened to hit you? Wow. Kinda turns me off to the M brand a little. If they are that worried about some leaked photos they should park it inside.
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