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Originally Posted by 6ixSpd View Post

All this ridiculous MP add-on crap to upgrade every performance and cosmetic aspect of the car - why not just get the full blown M car to begin with? People are obsessed with making their non-M cars into something they are not and never will be.

BMW: Here's a mid level car between the regular pedestrian 3 and the M3! Introducing the Mxxxi cars!
People: Yay finally I get a more saucier version without having to buy a full M!
BMW: BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Here's more "M" sauce for your souped up non-M to make it even MAOR M!

I don't get it either.
You must be a hoot at parties!

If folks want to add cosmetically or performance-wise to their cars, what does it matter to you? Even M3 car owners do these exact same upgrades - do you think M5 owners yell off their front lawn like you telling us to just "get a better car"?

The 340 is a very capable car and can be made even more capable with modest upgrades. I love the options BMW gives you to enhance each platform. I modded the crap out of my 335 and loved every bit of it. You should learn to do the same too.
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