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My guess is definitely not 18" rotors as they're probably the same brakes announced with the G20 330i as an "18 inch brake system". My guess is that they call it an 18 inch brake system since it requires 18" wheels, not because that's the size of the rotors.
The M Performance 18" braking system is recognisable from the red colour of the brake calipers. Not only does this give it an attractive appearance, but the sports brakes also feature considerably enhanced deceleration performance for sporty driving. Compared to the serial-production brakes, the 18-inch brake discs are bigger, perforated, grooved, and of lightweight construction. They have a higher thermal resistance, for which reason they remain extremely stable even under extreme conditions. The four-piston brake calipers are made of aluminium, in line with the consistent lightweight construction concept of the vehicle.
I realize this says 18-inch brake discs but this is a pic with 20" wheels and there appears to be more than an inch gap around.

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Anything to make money.

I'm all for big brakes, but 18" brakes doesn't make sense... current gen M3/M4 standard rotors are just shy of 15", Carbon Ceramic rotors are about 15.75".

18" rotors would need 21-22" wheels depending on the caliper design...