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Originally Posted by duder13 View Post
I mean, those discussions werenít wrong. It only took a dozen more years for BMW to loose the plot with the likes of the F30 and a zillion more SUVs.

Iím not a BMW enthusiast, but, rather, a driving enthusiast, and Iíd have been fine if both Porsche and BMW just quit after around 2012.
I remember driving much simpler and 'fun' cars back in my younger days, the changes are not something limited to BMW and Porsche.

For me, the issues for current models are much deeper than simply saying BMW has lost the plot.

A sideways look at something like the safety and weight of cars, is all against the requirements of the driving enthusiast. Take something like the width of cars... interesting article by Richard Bremner in AutoCar news, August 4th. The width 'subject' is just one aspect of why we are, where we are, today.