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Originally Posted by N & M View Post
The sad truth is BMW cannot make sports cars work or sell in the market. This is very strange considering that they have real talent producing such good driver's cars.

They also seem to cock it up. If they get the looks right (Z8, i8, the ne Z4) the dynamics don't stack up and if they get the dynamics to work the cars look underwhelming or don't feel that special (8 series, 4 series).

Maybe they should just give up 2 doors and stick to 4. Maybe 8 is an unlucky number for BMW.
IMO the market doesn't want that type of car. Some may like the idea of it but the majority of luxury buyers want a well appointed commuter car with a low monthly lease payment.

Hell 1/3 of all new car sales in the US are leases (per WSJ). That's a lot of turnover.

The Access BMW or whatever their rental program called is going to be their downfall. Flaky consumers with their sense of entitlement and the attention span of a squirrel.
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