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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Maybe, but after all, it's auto journalism, which has no shortage of opinions that are often presented as facts.

That said, I've been a stout BMW fan since 1998, when I ordered my first BMW (a 528i MT). And I haven't strayed, although I've been tempted. But even I, a huge fan, look at some of these new "design" elements and wonder what is going on. I realize BMW has to make a profit and I also realize the Chinese market is a growing one and that base may have different tastes; but really, I look at some of the new overwrought front fascias and wonder WTF.

As for Bangle, his BMW designs are actually getting more respect now than when the cars were released. His designs were certainly polarizing, but at least they were not boring and adhered to an underlying design principle. And some of his most contested styling elements (e.g. the E65 7 series trunk) influenced other car manufacturers. He also designed the E39 (often thought of as pre-Bangle) and the timeless Z4/Z4M coupe (I"m biased of course).
Everyone keeps saying Chris Bangle was the designer of the e39 but it was Joji Nagashima, who also designed the e90 and a few others.