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Originally Posted by GioM3 View Post
in the beginning of 90's, BMW was success story, basic model lineup: 3,5,7 and odd Z3, then comes X5 which was success as well, then X3, disaster, 1 series, disaster apart from 1M, then X1, 2 series Scenic, 5GT, 3GT, all disasters.
BMW should stick with 3 and 4 series based on same platform: one sedan one coupe, M3,M4,
5 and 6 series plus M5 M6,
7 and 7iL no M,
X5 no M,
One lightweight Supercar/Racecar/New technology pioneer/Poster/Dream.
I like this idea.

In the old days, I can tell different BMW models from afar. Nowadays, there are so many models, I have to look at the numbers itself to figure it out.

Nonetheless, I still love my M2. It's the only BMW I'd consider buying.