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Originally Posted by x986 View Post
Thanks for the great writeup. I'm sorry you didn't try the Genesis G70.
My '16 340 lease was up in Feb., and I started trying to find a replacement in Dec.
I tried the Audi S4 and S5, and thought they were good cars, but when I got back in my 340, it was better.
I have not tried the Merc because my last CLA AMG45 was a piece of ----, and it was sold in less than a year; I figured life is too short to drive a ----y car.
I have tried the Alfa and liked the way it drove, but the short comings noted above were true, and the electronic goodies were very limited. I have two toy cars with GREAT driving, but few electronic goodies, so the Alfa was out.
I let the lease go in Feb., and have been driving one of the toy cars as a daily driver since Feb. It is a '14 Cayman S, and I'm really beginning to wonder if that won't stay as a daily driver. However my wife's Tesla has taught me the joys of "Autopilot" for daily freeway type driving. I find I have to take control once every 5 minutes or so; it is not as smart as Elon says, and other brand's "Active lane keeping" are not as smart as Tesla.
So - the G20 and G70. They are both in California now. I have driven both the 330, and the 340. The 330 has more than adequate power for a daily driver, and it can be very well equipped, but my heart says go for the 340. The Genesis G70 is a very good car, and maxed out is still less money than either Bimmer. (About 10-15K less that a 340.) The V6 has about 20 fewer ponies than the 340 with better leather, and, in my opinion, may well be better looking.
I hope I have thoroughly confused you all because I still can't make up my mind. That is why I'm still here reading opinions of a group whose opinions I generally respect.
Yes, the compact class of sports sedans has really heated up within the last few years. I remember when the E46 originally came out, I found that the 3 series and the Infiniti G35 were the only "sporty" cars of the entire class.

Then, Jaguar had no idea what it was doing under Ford's leadership, Genesis didn't exist and Hyundai's were econoboxes, Cadillac was shifting their entire strategy and model lineup, Alfa wasn't in the states, and Mercedes made cars mainly for older men/women unless buying an AMG.

Now, everyone has improved and are finally making sports cars. Genesis/Hyundai have the G70 led under previous M-boss Albert Biermann, Alfa has their Italian take on the 3 series, Jaguar has their XE sedan, Cadillac has the great Alpha platform on the ATS and upcoming CT4/5, and Mercedes has their AMG Performance line, all have improved their driving dynamics and are making really compelling vehicles, its hard to just choose one to be the best choice for your lifestyle.
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