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Thanks for the extensive review OP.

One significant difference of opinion is the one made about wishing for column-mounted paddles. I realize this is not an uncommon complaint, but it's one I have zero respect for.

First, allow me to provide some background... When Ferrari first started speccing F1 transmissions in their 355 and 360 models, I was very involved with the brand. The company I worked for was known for customizing Ferraris and setting them up for track day use. I want to say the majority of owners of these cars would come to me complaining about the column mounted paddles being difficult to use while on track. Our common retort was that you probably shouldn't be shifting very often while your wheel is turned. I think of this experience whenever I hear people wishing for column mounted paddles. I guess the grass is always greener.

Also, I really don't understand the logic in wanting fixed paddles. Your hands aren't fixed when driving. There's a reason race cars have wheel mounted paddles. They're always in the same place in relation to your hands on the wheel. I've driven a lot of laps on track with both and it isn't even close. Wheel mounted paddles are simply far more intuitive and easier to use when being smooth is important.