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BMW M340i xDrive – As Tested Price: $68,425
Mercedes C43 AMG 4Matic – As Tested Price: $69,320
Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport RWD – As Tested Price: $53,690
Genesis G70 3.3TT HTRAC - As Tested Price: $52,495
wow. that M340 price..


My SA told me BMW has purposefully killed the 320 and stripper 330 cars to move the price point up to compete more in the luxury class. Gone are low $30 to 35k 3ers and sub $400 lease deals.
The 320 was a sales gambit that failed.

Bmw wanted to try and increase sales with the 320 to try and keep the luxury sales crown.
The same is true for the 3 series GT, which gave them another model from the same platform but still all F series models are large cars.

Instead they lost the sales crown to Mercedes , because Mercedes dared to sell a compact sedan (CLA ) beneath their bread and butter C CLASS in this segment whereas BMW tried to half ass it with a coupe only in the 1er and then 2er and subsequently all the sedan sales went to Mercedes and Audi.

And yes ... clearly BMW is moving all their cars upmarket seeking more profit per vehicle.

Of course the 8 series move also has turned out to be a fail. And the 6 GT.