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I have owned Porsches and one E series Merc, but once I owned two E46 models I said there is no other car for me. The E90 was okay. But the driving experience in E46 cars was unparalleled. I do not like the 3's from F to G series. I did however fall in love with the 2 series as it reminds be of the E46, nimble and perfectly balanced. I loved your review and given what I have read, and the cars you are considering, I'd go with the Alfa. But I have to admit my last name ends in a vowel...
I too owned an E46 and thoroughly enjoyed it, currently in an F80 ZCP, love the damn thing.
I've been thinking about looking at an M3 Comp as well, especially since dealers are likely trying to get rid of them and I could probably swing one for around loaded M340i money, and of course, the manual transmission always adds to enjoyment. May have to take a look, I've actually never driven any form of F80 M3's so it would be interesting to see how it drives.
Since F82's are currently the only game in town, "maybe" high 70's low 80's. Give one a ride, thinking you'll like it. BTW, That M2 Comp. is pretty sweet & tempting.
Yep, I just looked online and forgot that production for the F80 ended a while ago. May have to say f*** it and go for 2 doors. Maybe an F83, I do love a convertible, and will miss the Boxster when its gone, but the M2 is also tempting. Soooo many choices! Looks like it'll take a while for me to decide.
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