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Originally Posted by johnung View Post
Including the 4-cyl Alfa was just a stupid waste of time. Would have enjoyed a comparison with the Quad.

The driver's seat of the Mercedes feels like a sardine can while BMW fits like a fine supple leather glove.

What I love about BMW is that if an individual driver perceives a shortcoming it is really possible to modify & customize it to exactly how you want it. I could drive my custom 335ix all day long!
I didn't find it to be a waste of time, I mainly went into it knowing that I wasn't going to buy it, but I was definitely curious about all the great things that have been said about the car, and I'm sure forum members would find a BMW enthusiasts' opinion on the Alfa to be very interesting. Despite it being a 4 cylinder, it still out-handles every car in its class. Quadrifoglio is a competitor to the M3/C63 thus I didn't compare it, and if you would have loved a comparison with the Quadrifoglio, you are free to go and drive these cars anytime you want yourself.

Seat preference is of course dependent on the driver. I find the C43 seats to be plenty fine.

Thats great that I can add customizable and aftermarket stuff to the car, but if I'm spending $70k on a car, I don't want to have to spend more on the car because it didn't come out of the factory that way. Maybe if I was buying a used 340i, but this is a brand new car, I shouldn't have to add more to the already high price to make it perfect. Not to mention the car would be a possible lease, so I'm not to sure if I'd want to mod a car, just to give it up in three years.
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