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Originally Posted by tkila View Post
M340Xi feels too "tight" in the corners and C43 AMG feels too "loose". I'm not satisfied with the steering in either one of these vehicles and doesn't encourage you to push any of these cars hard into a corner.

I actually would consider the upcoming A45/CLA45 AMG as my next daily. Around the same price and much more special to drive than a M or AMG wannabe.

I don't get why people think E90 is that great with first generation turbos that require a lot of maintenance and steering that is tight but on the heavy, numb side. Ride is horrible too and the interior is all cheap plastic. E46 was way better in terms of driving engagement and quality.
I had both an E46 ZHP and E90 335i. E90 had a much better ride and nicer interior. More room, and better grip. E46 was lighter and therefore more responsive, but harsher ride, less room and frankly less power and grip. That’s probably why people like E90 more.

I personally like the 335 for the above reasons, and kept it for ten years. I did prefer the looks of the E46 though, particularly in ZHP trim.

I don’t see myself coming back to a modern BMW. Maybe an E30 as an occasional driver.