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Originally Posted by Patgilm View Post
I felt the same way you did between the M340 and the C43. I had my heart set in the C43 but when I test drove both the C43 was a little too stiff for my (and my wife's) daily driver. I liked the interior a lot and the power adjustments lacking in the M340 as well as the fact that you can get carbon fiber trim from the factory. Both have pluses and minuses and there really was no wrong choice, I just picked the one that checked the boxes that were more important to me.
If Mercedes gives the new inline 6 to the C class- we will have a contender.

In terms of modern motoring- 340 hits the emotional button and is the best styled cat out there.

That said- I owned an e46 and that car was beautiful. Can't say these are beautiful or Exemplify simple esthetic.