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I'd take the RS3 in a heartbeat. It's crazy how tunable that car is and how much power it makes on stock internals and stock clutches.
You clearly haven't driven an RS3. The only thing good about the RS3 is the sound of the exhaust. Everything else is not that great: rides hard but handling and steering are very numb. Not a fun or comfortable car to drive at all. I would take a M2 over an RS3 in a heartbeat.
Agreed. I compared the M340, C43 and RS3 before I picked the M340. I was intrigued by the speed of the RS3, and thought that might compensate for the smaller size, ie make me forget that it's a smaller car than I really need. However, once I tried it I found it very quick but numb. I also realized that I was swapping from an M235 to potentially an M340 for a reason...I needed extra space, and the RS3 actually felt smaller than the M235.

Basically, if you don't need the size of an M340 (or C43), go for the M2C. Much better than the RS3.
If I decide I can live with only 2 doors, I've been highly considering the M240i. I'd love an M2 but this going to be my daily and idk about you but here in MN getting an AWD vehicle is a necessity in my opinion. The handling on the M240 seemed so much better than my F30.

I know somebody who left BMW for an RS3 and they say the love it. Lease rates on the RS3 are horrendous though.
True, the AWD vs RWD issue would be a factor in some states, although I've heard winter tires works wonders on RWD cars (but I've no personal experience of that as I didn't have space to store a second set of tires when I had the M235...which made for a few sketchy drives in January/Feb each year).

The M235 was a lot of fun, but I have to say that I am having as much fun in my new M340xdrive. Doesn't quite feel as nimble (although not as big a difference as I had feared before making the switch), but the extra power makes up for that!