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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
I found the M340i to feel larger than the previous 5 series. It doesn't handle bumps very well and feels very floaty. The design is so absolutely terrible that between those two things I'll never own one. I think the B58 is the best motor out of the bunch though. Seems like Mercedes is leading the pack these days.

On xdrive vs RWD, if it is your only car and you're in northern US or Canada I think it makes sense--otherwise no sense in AWD. I'd throw the RS3 into the mix to see what something smaller does for you--I really enjoy that car even with its haldex system.

The G70 is very interesting but I find it awkwardly styled in the front, although better looking than the new 3 series. Still, I am not a fan of NA V6's. Would rather have turbo 4 or an NA i6.
G70 doesn't have a NA V6, it has a twin turbo. Its the same 3.3 TT V6 found in the Kia Stinger.
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