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Lets be real , you will get the c43 in the end. No question.
It seemed like he's already passed on it. Right now it looks to be between the m340i (after his first round of test drives), and the f80/82 or Giulia quadrifoglio (both contingent on test drives).
I went from 335iS to C43 to M4 so I totally understand him going to F8X over those 3. It's night and day but the C43 between the M340 and Alfa is a no brainer especially if you love spirited driving.
If you want a soulless car that just goes fast then M340 will be your choice. I just find it amazing that this C class platform completely wrecked the F30 and still giving the new G20 a run for its money.
It's like Mercedes and bmw switched places from who they were a decade ago. Can you imagine someone 10-15 years ago saying that they chose a bmw 3 series over a MB c-class due to better comfort as a daily driver?