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that just makes zero sense.

An item that is stunningly beautiful and perceived that way by many is typically NOT controversial.

Of course.. an item that is stunningly horrific and perceived that way by many typically IS controversial.

Pick one or the other because your hyperbole doesn't get me excited at all and borders on oxymoronic.
When I first saw the car I was at first sight WTF!
However I have come to like it having become more familiar with it.
It's the expectation to see how others will react to it. Will they have similar reactions and feelings before acceptance? Or will they reject its new ideas?

The inclusion of huge grilles is bringing back design controversy just as it did in the early 2000's. THE 4 is the perfect concept to highlight expected debate which will no doubt follow. Be Rest assured that it will.

So many BMW design elements right now look ABSOLUTELY AWFUL in photos but much better in person.

x2 front end
z4 front end
X7 front end

All look worse in photos than in person.

So I already know that the forum will in general hate it. That's as easy a guess as LEXUS taillights.

What I also know is that as you mentioned, after the initial shock , people will get used to the change and eventually accept it.

Remember the M3/M4 comp 666 wheel ? Everyone hated it when it came out.
I agree with you about those models. One exception is the new 7 LCI, which is just as ugly in person as it is in photographs.
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