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Originally Posted by darkbluemn View Post
Seems like your car is too high and it's time to lower it. With a lowered car, jack stand has a few more steps. If you have a longer splitter (3-5 inch), it will take you more than 10 mins to jack it up.

BTW, quickjack will jack up a few inch higher, and that's the few inches make difference. Have you work under a car that need to hammer something off or shake something stuck there? Try it on jack stands with full extension (it's why ppl don't recommend using jack stand at full height).

Another question is how do you put your jack stand? Under OEM plastic jack point? I would assume you need some sort of adapter, and it needs to be rubber that not to slip. Most jack stand with V shape top section is hard to fit into OEM location. The rubber adapter is hard to find (no doubt you can DIY one). The round top jack stands are very expensive and those are not universal fitment.

All above head ache fine, you can solve it. But have you installed/leveled any of splitter or alignment adjustment or some suspension height adjust that need jack up and down a few times only to change a small thing?

Quickjack is also portable. Have you worked on race track while it's 90F outside? I prefer press a button to finish part of the job.
I agree with your point on lowered car with lips takes more like 20 mins than 2. I have to go on ramps first and if I full lift the front I won't have enough clearance for lifting the rear, so kinda of have to go back and forth 2 times.

But the jack stand point is completely un true. I uve V groove stands and if you rotate them to be in line with the blocks they fit perfectly. No adapter and no slippage.

My only gripe is it's benefits (in a home garage at least, no track) is not worth the price tag. It's almost halfway into a actual lift.