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I thought about that at one time, but the larger storage requirements, less flexibility in positioning, greater setup time, and greater difficulty maneuvering (each column is 300lbs) made me think it wasn't worth it over getting a "real" lift for my next house. The QJ fit the profile for serving me better till then. The higher lift height of the MaxJax is definitely nice though.
Some people installed multiple anchors in their concrete floor to accommodate different positions. I was thinking about doing this. Not sure if moving the columns are that difficult. From the Youtube videos I've seen, people have been able to move them around without much problem.

With my current home/garage which I don't have any intention of selling for a while, I have limited ceiling height for a traditional 2 post lift. There's a bulkhead running along the middle of the garage with a metal I-beam in it supporting part of the second floor. The MaxJax gives me the flexibility of a 2 post lift in my constrained garage.
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