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Originally Posted by Ilyam5 View Post
I do not understand this thread.

M340 Just came out. It is arguably the best car BMW makes at the moment. It is pretty much an M3 with slightly less powerful engine.

It is ahead of its time and technology.

It has brand new tech (self driving assisted Pro, remote key, 3d view , self parking , self back up, digital key, full screen apple play etc,). Only 3 cars have it now, x5/x7, LCi 750 and 3 series.
It has new engine rated at 382HP, bus surely feels like 400 +

It looks great and aggressive with the new grill - it stands out and makes it look different from 330. Besides, if the 4 series (including M3) grill is as ugly as the renders show - 340 is going to be the best looking 3 series of the bunch.

It is a 2020 model that came out in April of 2019. Ahead of any 2020 models. (3 months before august - scheduled 2020 switch). what 2021 are you talking about? (ask us next August 2020 in 14 months)
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