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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Also, you used the commas incorrectly in your last sentence.

Thank God you cannot ban anyone.
Thank you for bringing that to my attention, professor obvious. It was intentional. If you want to get pedantic, I didn't use any commas in my last sentence. HoustonScott's question was legitmately difficult to read. I'm not a grammer and spelling Nazi by a long shot (I usually don't even proof my own posts) but questions should be intelligible if an answer is expected.

Back on topic, if we get too many rules on this forum that are completely subjective, it'll become a whiney mess of "I'm telling mod on you" every time someone is losing an argument. Victory through censorship. At least racism is a bit more objective. Even so, I think if someone started making racist remarks on here they'd get intellectually mauled. I say bring 'em on. Not all ideas deserve respect, and all ideas should be open for discussion. Banning should be reserved only for trolls who bring nothing to the conversation but insults.

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